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In the basin of the Angara river grows a special variety of pine, called the Angara pine (Pine Siberian Stone).Pine is a genus of coniferous evergreen trees of Pinaceae. Pine grows from 400 to 600 years. In mature age (about 120-150 years) the tree reaches an height of 30-40 m. It has a straight and smooth trunk. It can be processed easily.

Its wood has a slightly pink core, which eventually becomes brownish red. Sapwood is wide, and its colour can be from yellow to pink. Annual rings are clearly visible in all sections with a clear boundary between the early and late wood.


Angara pine is considered the best in the world due to its special properties such as high density of up to 540 kg/m3 (one and a half times higher than density of common pine), high mechanical strength, excellent machinability without cracking and perfect heat retention.

The composition of Angara pine is unique and very beautiful; timber has a pinkish shade that gives it a pleasant warm look. Besides, it is worth remembering that timber is ecologically clean material. Cheaper materials as, for example, metal or plastic could never be compared to the warmth and comfort of natural pine in your house.

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