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Glued Laminated Timber

Glued laminated timber, is a timber product manufactured from dimensional lumber, called laminating stock. This laminating stock (lamstock) comes in 2” nominal thickness and standard nominal widths although custom widths are possible ranging from 2” up to 14 ¼” actual widths. The lamstock is joined together end to end, then glued together in laminations using waterproof, state of the art adhesives, creating nearly unbounded possible beam depths and lengths. After a curing process, glulam beams are planed and sanded, then sent to fabrication. Each beam is fabricated to the exacting standards set forth by Timber Systems’ designers.

Glued laminated timber (glulam) is an engineered structural material consisting of a number of graded, kiln dried and selected full length laminations - usually 45mm thick - having their grain essentially parallel and bonded with proven adhesives, to form a solid piece of practically any length, shape and size.


In comparison with other types of houses, houses from glued profiled beam have a great advantage and can boast excellent facilities in which to live nicely:

  • Allow for the construction of home mortgage, lighter foundations;
  • Glued profiled beam virtually no shrinkage.
  • The surface of laminated structures are not subject to severe cracking.
  • Houses from glued beams do not require external and internal walls.
  • Glued timber does not change its shape, it does not lead, do not twist and it does not crack due to the compensation of internal stresses.
  • Optimum moisture glued profiled beam does not evolve various bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • For the houses from glued profiled beam characteristic of the internal atmosphere of air ideal for families with a tendency to allergies, lung and heart disease
  • At home with high levels of heat-saving, and therefore dramatically reduced operating costs in the winter.
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